How to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours
Drug Test FAQ / December 13, 2017

I was in the same situation why I asked myself how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours. These SOS situations are always a real pain in the ass unless you prepare yourself have some synthetic urine or detox drinks at home. There are a lot of videos with the same title „How to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours„ funny how these videos are giving stupid advises such as doing workout, drinking gallons or water or using certo for drug test. I must admit Certo might work, but its far from safe, If you can, always choose synthetic urine or detox drinks over certo. The are VERY wise comments of YouTube „This is gonna be a quick reply since I literally just brought up Youtube what a coincidence lol. Well you have to quit smoking or doing any drugs until then. You will not be able to finesse it if you are a heavy smoker. You gotta quit altogether and sweat it out. That’s pretty much all I can think of. Weed will always be around, trust me I gotta quit for 4-5 years for the military. It’ll be there when I’m out, so will…

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