What Are The Best Detox Drinks For Drug Test
Drug Test FAQ , Weed / December 20, 2018

There are many ways to pass a urine test, I personally think synthetic urine is the best and safest way, the second option are marijuana cleansing drinks , third option is using detox pills and the fourth are home remdies. I strongly suggest you to stay away from stupid home remdies like certo, Azul tea or drinking cranberry juice. They will make your urine diluted and your sample will be rejected. The only reason why these home remedies for drug test are popular because of their low cost. What To Use For A Supervised Drug Test Like I said I always recommend synthetic urine for drug test, but in this case, its too risky. There are special synthetic urine belts for this situation, but I would Not recommend them, way too risky. If somebody is standing next to you, watching you pee, your best option are drug detox drinks. These drinks will mask drug metablites in your system for a couple of hours, they are undetectable, so your sample wont be rejected.If you want understand the science behind detox drinks for drug test, check out this post, they explain everything very well. Some will say Certo do the same and…

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