Best Synthetic Urine Brands For A Drug Test

July 9, 2019

Using synthetic urine for a drug test is probably the easiest way to pass a drug test. Some think it’s bullshit, this method is outdated, labs get much clever and it’s impossible to play them with fake urine, but it’s actually not true. There are many brands that didn’t update its formula, those are useless now, but some kept updating it, they followed the latest trends and the result is amazing. Some fake urine actually looks and smells like real human urine, they have the perfect color, foam and they contain over 10 main chemicals that are found in human pee. So in this article, I will review the top 3 best synthetic urine on the market and also tell you what are those that you should avoid.

Fake urine Brand’s That Don’t Work Anymore

I want to keep this paragraph short, the following brands do not work, if you use them, you will most likely fail: Magnum, Xstream, U-pass, Agent X, P Sure, JetClean, Noxide synthetic urine. AS you can see some of these brands have been around for 15-20 years, once they were good and reliable brands, but for some reason, the manufacturer stopped updating its formula, they basically abandoned their products. These brands still can be used for sex plan (actually they are all marketed as fetish urine), but it’s not a good idea to submit them for a urine drug test. There is no way they would pass a LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics lab test.

My Top Best Synthetic Urine Brands

Number 3#: SpectrumLAbs Quick Fix synthetic urine: Quick Fix used to be the best synthetic urine brand on the market, but those days are gone. Do not misunderstand me, Quick Fix6.2 s great synthetic urine and it will most likely go you through a drug test, but there are better alternatives if you want to be 100% safe. Quick Fix is pre-mixed synthetic urine, which means you don’t have to mix the powder with water, all you need to do is to heat it up to the right temp, wrap it with hand warmers and go to the testing facility to submit your sample. It contains both urea and uric acid!

Number2#: Clear Choice Sub Solution: It used to be the number one brand until 2018. It’s not premixed urine, which means, you will need to fill the flask with water, first add the urine powder, shake and shake it up. It’s actually not a big deal, the whole process takes 1 minute. It comes with 13 different chemicals such as uric acid, urea, perfectly balanced PH and gravity. This urine is biocide free (its a chemical that is used for preservation, its unnatural and normally not found in human pee, some lab test for the presence of this chemical to catch fake urine). Sub Solution looks and smells like real pee, it has a perfectly natural color, and it even has some foam on the top. Not like Quick fix and other brands, Sub Solution have urine smell, which means if the lab assistant has a closer look, you are not going to fail immediately.

What makes it amazing is the heat activator powder. Hand Warmers are unsafe and unreliable, heat activator powder is easy to use, it actually takes only 30 seconds to bring the sample to the correct temperature. The whole process, mixing urine powder with water and heating it up with the heat activator takes less than 3 minutes, basically, you can walk into the testing lab with a flask of water in your pocket and when you are in the testing room, add the powders and you are good to go. It’s super easy and the risk of failing is extremely low. Check out guys this Sub Solution testimonial:

Number1#: Quick Luck Synthetic urine: This fake urine is basically the same as Sub Solution, but a little bit better. They have the same manufacturer, Clear Choice. It contains a few more chemicals that are not present in Sub Solution, it’s premixed and it comes with heat activator and heating pad as well, so you can decide which one to choose. This is the absolute best synthetic urine brand on the market, but there aren’t many differences between Quick Luck and Sub Solution, however, the price difference is 20$. If you want to be 99% sure go with Sub Solution and forget about Quick Fix. If you do not want to mess with urine powder and you want to a ready to use solution, go with Quick Luck urine instead.

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