Best way to pass a urine drug test | Certo Vs Synthetic urine

October 27, 2017

There are various ways to pass a urine drug test, I personally prefer to use fake pee for drug test, because its reliable and always work (before buying anything, make sure to check out some synthetic urine reviews). However some people prefer to use Sure jell or as many know Certo.

Certo is a fruit pection and its available in every single grocery store (not like fake pee, lol), but I dont think this method is reliable, its a hit or miss, definately not as safe as synthetic urine.

So I posted a video about my certo drug test experience, and I got a lots of comments, many said it doesn’t work and fail their drug test and many says I am an idiot and it works.

certo drug test method

The Certo Drug Test Method

These are the comments I got. Have a look, not all of them are nice, I will post them without deleting the rude ones, here you go:

„this nights on the vid is stupid ass fuck cuz for me it works I’m on 10 paper and do this from time to time cuz I don’t really use drugs it won’t work for every one but it will work for some ppl don’t listen to this dum ass foo”

„Well I just watched a youtube channel and out of 160 people that used certo 135 passed…. So if you claim it doesn’t work why did so many people pass the test? I have passed 10 of 10 home test using certo…. You have to use it correctly. To say it DOES NOT WORK is very misleading.”

„This guy is fucken dumb. And If it didnt work for him and his Cuz. I gotta say there both FUCKEN RETARDED. they dont look it either. I passed multiple time. Knowledge is power. This Guy need to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up forreal.”

„SMH ….I smoked weed for 7 years now on a daily about 3-5 blunts a day …. stopped smokin for 2 days did the certificate along with 2 B-12 nd landed a $15 per hr job all thanks to “CERTO” …. if you didn’t pass it’s cause you simply did it wrong PERIOD!”

„youre not doing it correctly. theres more to it than just drinking it and hoping you pass. ive passed multiple times and smoked the night before. you daid your cousin tried it but when you said you did it too it was obviously a lie lol”

„U da only nigga satin dat shit tho, i haven’t tried it yet but I’ve been using potable aqua for the past few days and now I’m going to do the certo behind it, take my test then tell you what happened..”

„I passed 3 DOT drug test using certo. I smoke everyday. But stopped 2 weeks prior to drug test and passed all 3 times. So fuck y’all it worked for me”

„It’s not a detox tho. Your supposed to take it 2 hours before ur test it’s jus supposed to mask the thc for a couple hours so that u can pass ur test”

„It mask the by coating your stomach and kidneys t keep the thc out of your system for a few hours”

„it’s not detox, it’s a cover-up. maybe your science should include a science book or more than a bogus claim of inclusion. „

Certo method instructions

Put one or two bags of certo in one bottle of water, shake it up as much as you can. Drink the whole bottle. In the next two hours, refill the bottle twice and try to urinate 3 times before the test. After the third one, go and take the test. If everything is good and you are lucky, your test will come back negative.

The problem is out body are all different, What might work for some might doesn’t work for others. Its not safe, because we don’t know how our body will reackt, we don’t know the proper dosage either, so whats the deal? Why is this better than using synthetic urine for drug test?

fake pee for drug test

Why Using Fake pee for drug test is safer?

Because our body has nothing to do with the fake urine sample. You have to do two things, If you do these well, then there is no chance to fail the test, no need to be nervous, you will pass it guaranteed. First:

Buy good quality synthetic urine which contains, urea and uric acid. its important to have these chemicals in fake urine, because many lab is looking for these chemicals in the urine sample. Low quality old brands like magnum and u pass are considered unsafe, because they do not update their formulas.

What I recommend is Quick Fix and Sub Solution. Both synthetic urine contains the essential chemicals and they have perfectly balanced PH level and gravity. They also look like real human urine, Sub Solution even has some foam on the top. These two fake pee are the best choice for drug test.

The other important thing is to keep urine on the right temperature. If its too cold or too warm even if its just a few C, they will refuse your sample. What you have to do is to heat it up in microwave, put it in the flask with thermometer, when it reached the correct temperature you will see the green sign on the flask, then wrap it with handwarmer and you are done. it will keep your fake urine sample on the right temperature in the next 5 hours. Easy isn’t it?

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