Hollywood’s Affinity for Marijuana

October 17, 2017

Weed, reefer, pot, grass,trees, smoke, chronic…whatever your pet name for it happens to be, seems marijuana has becomes Hollywood’s new drug sweetheart. Many a movie or celebrity dote on the herb, from Dave Chapelle and Montel Williams ( for medical use ) to Jack Black and Kevin Nealon. In fact three of the last four movies I have rented in the past few months has at least one scene involving a bong hit or two. Hell, cable even has a drama revolving primarily around it’s sale.

Not since the day of the hipppie has this been so commercialized. Anti-drug campaigns focusing on marijuana seem to be tripling in airtime to keep up. With the country being at war these past few years, and a public concensus of disapproval of it’s handling, it’s as if the Vietnam War is haunting us. Still many a state have yet to legalize it’s use even for medicinal purposes.

Will Reefer Madness make a comeback? What is it about marijuana that the government has such a disdain? Sure, it alters reaction time, and I don’t advise nor do I condone the thought of driving after smoking, but what seperates it from alchohol? It’s rare that you hear of anyone driving stoned and killing someone…or any of the other preconceptions that conservatives use in ads. In fact, if marijuana was such a plight for society why do we see it everywhere?

stars smoking marijuana

Why do comedians and others that make reference to, or have skits showing themselves smoking not recieve scrutiny for these actions? The media affects children and teenagers as well and we know this, henceforth airtimes and v-chips. Yet drug usage of this sort isn’t censored.

By this standard, an impressionable child would think it was more ok to smoke a joint than to say, use the “f” word. Where is the Christian Majority with that? An organization that buzzes about slandering children’s tv and it’s characters, hasn’t had anything to say about this. Nudity, obscenities, and overall overreaction must be their priority.

Now, to clarify, I am not anti-marijuana. I just really don’t see the need to stigmatize something that God created. I also don’t understand why some things that hold about the same weight morally are not condemned in the same regard.

I believe if marijuana has medicinal uses, it should be utilized as opposed to being uprooted and burned. Why waste it for the sake of wasting it. There are more benefits linked to the herb than there are reasons to damn it.

As for Hollywood and it’s seeming love affair for pot….light it up! Hurry before the smell it.

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