Medical Marijuana: Cancer Patients Need Those Munchies

February 11, 2018

I realize my view on whether or not medical marijuana should be legalized is very much in the minority, especially in regard to those who are conservative Christians and I am a Christian. I live in a so called “red state” where this issue will likely never become a ballot issue but because of my experience, I find it an important one.

I have a bit of experience that leads me to my opinion. I have been through chemotherapy and been so sick and nauseated that I lost nearly half of my body weight.

Some say plenty of other anti-nausea drugs can be used instead of marijuana. Until two years ago, I would have agreed thinking marijuana was no different from the other anti-nausea medications. I can give firsthand experience with many anti-nausea drugs.

Phenergen is the most commonly prescribed, I believe. For a flu virus, Phenergen works nicely but chemotherapy is no flu virus. Ondansetron (Zofran) was a medication given to me through my IV that worked through the first two rounds before my body grew adjusted to it. I could list more medications but would simply create a very long article about nothing.

In February 2018, I went through a bilateral mastectomy and was very surprised to see I would be given a synthetic marijuana tablet prior to surgery. The doctor’s reasoning is that women who take this tablet wake up hungrier than those who do not and that hunger promotes healing.

At this point, the number of surgeries I went through had topped twenty. I cannot remember a single surgery where I did not wake up vomiting until after the mastectomy. By all accounts, I should have been vomiting as the pain was the worst I can remember ever having. My stomach was solid in spite of everything and the only change was that pill.

If marijuana is legalized, it may or may not be more difficult for others’ to find access. Marijuana is very easy to find as it is right now. It is my opinion the herb should be legalized in pill form. There is no dangerous smoke that could be counterproductive to trying to win a cancer battle. These tablets do the job they are intended to do very well. I was put under anesthesia shortly after being given my tablet so I do not know if there was any effect to the mind or not. I do know Phenergen gives a slight “high” and Zofran provided a “high” that made it appear as though the walls in the hospital room were spinning.

Without a doubt, there should be limitations on how much marijuana is prescribed just as there is on how many narcotic pills are prescribed. With responsibility, we can help cancer patients with this drug while making it no more available to those who would misuse it than it is now.

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