Best way to pass a urine drug test | Certo Vs Synthetic urine
Drug Test FAQ / October 27, 2017

There are various ways to pass a urine drug test, I personally prefer to use fake pee for drug test, because its reliable and always work (before buying anything, make sure to check out some synthetic urine reviews). However some people prefer to use Sure jell or as many know Certo. Certo is a fruit pection and its available in every single grocery store (not like fake pee, lol), but I dont think this method is reliable, its a hit or miss, definately not as safe as synthetic urine. So I posted a video about my certo drug test experience, and I got a lots of comments, many said it doesn’t work and fail their drug test and many says I am an idiot and it works. The Certo Drug Test Method These are the comments I got. Have a look, not all of them are nice, I will post them without deleting the rude ones, here you go: „this nights on the vid is stupid ass fuck cuz for me it works I’m on 10 paper and do this from time to time cuz I don’t really use drugs it won’t work for every one but it will work…

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