What Are The Best Detox Drinks For Drug Test

December 20, 2018

There are many ways to pass a urine test, I personally think synthetic urine is the best and safest way, the second option are marijuana cleansing drinks , third option is using detox pills and the fourth are home remdies. I strongly suggest you to stay away from stupid home remdies like certo, Azul tea or drinking cranberry juice. They will make your urine diluted and your sample will be rejected.

The only reason why these home remedies for drug test are popular because of their low cost.

What To Use For A Supervised Drug Test

Like I said I always recommend synthetic urine for drug test, but in this case, its too risky. There are special synthetic urine belts for this situation, but I would Not recommend them, way too risky. If somebody is standing next to you, watching you pee, your best option are drug detox drinks.

These drinks will mask drug metablites in your system for a couple of hours, they are undetectable, so your sample wont be rejected.If you want understand the science behind detox drinks for drug test, check out this post, they explain everything very well.

Some will say Certo do the same and its useless to spend 30-40 dollars for professional detox drinks. Look at these comments:

Y’all need to drink a gallon of water a few hours after you drink the two gatorades and then drink water on the way to the test but make sure to take B complex vitamins to color your piss this literally only works with dilution also remember after you finish drinking the gatorade and gallon of water only pee 3-4 times the 5 one is the charm the 6 one is the gamble so be careful how much water you drink after certo and this only works for dipstick tests it’s a gamble for labs Edit: Drink a gallon 4 hours before your test since your body can only process 1 qt every hour 4 quarts = 4 hours and drink the two gatorades after you drank the water at least 2-3 hours before the test along with the b vitamins so color will be present during your 5th pee.


First drink one pack the night before with cranberry juice, drink the second pack the morning of the test with Gatorade and follow up with a gallon of water. Don’t overload your system. An hour before the test take one multi vitamin and creatinine to replace what won’t show up because of the pectin. 3 pees before the test should be enough to expell any toxins left behind. Multi vitamin will replace color and creatinine, most important and probably the reason I will fail because I didn’t take the creatinine supplements. But it certainly worked for the standard dip test.

certo drug test method

So as I you can see these guys had success with certo, but if you go through the comment section you will see a bunch of negative reviews as well. Certo might work, but there are too many factors to consider, every person’s body work differently, what works for some might not work for others. I have two friends, who watched these “how to pass a drug test with certo” youtube videos and both failed. Thos who use detox drinks for their drug test all passed!

Best Detox Drinks For Supervised Drug Tests

My personal favorite is called Ulra Eliminex its super strong, doesn’t require much preparation, even works if you smoked a few days before the test (but try to avoid that). The other option is using Mega Clean or Rescue Cleanse 32OZ, both are great quality products, but due to the high demand, Rescue Clenase is often sold out.

These detox drinks are more expensive than the average crap what you can buy in Walmart or in your local smoke shop. Do not waste your time with Stinger, Magnum, High Voltage Detox drink and similar crap quality products, I know they are cheap, but for a reason.

best detox for drug test

So the conclusion of this article is you need to spend a little bit and prepare if you want to pass your drug test. THC detox drinks (or we can call them marijuana cleansing drinks) do work, but you need to pick the right product. It’s also important to stop using drugs a few days before the drug test. Try to change your lifestyle a little bit: drink more water, exercise or do anything what make you sweat, eat healthy fiber rich foods, avoid junk food.

If you have the time and budget, you can also speed up the cleansing process with detox pills. Ther are some really high quality ones on the market, the combination of detox pills and cleansing drinks are a very powerful combo.

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